Allow us to paint you a little word picture…
It’s Sunday morning. The sun is shining, the birds are doing their thing, and you’ve just awoken to the delightful aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee. We all know that smell. The warm, earthy scent, with a hint of, mm. Cocoa? Berries?

You follow your nostrils only to discover the decadent smell is actually wafting its way through the kitchen windows from your neighbour Steve’s place.

Because Steve has a coffee subscription and gets the best aromatic coffee delivered straight to his door.

Dammit, Steve.

Wondering if you should be more like Steve? Or maybe just wondering what a coffee subscription is full-stop?

Read on my friend. Read on.

What Does a Coffee Subscription Involve?

In a nutshell, a coffee subscription is the best way to get the freshest coffee delivered straight to your door from your favourite roaster, as often as you can drink it. Most subscriptions run weekly or monthly, and packages allow you to either get a refill of your favourite beans or mix it up a bit with some new flavours.

They’re a fantastic way to expand your coffee palate, grow your roasting knowledge, and ensure those dusty pantry cupboards are always stocked with the very best beans around. So, no more Sunday morning disappointments and Steve envy.

5 Benefits of a Coffee Subscription

Subscription services are all the rage these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. But just in case, we’ve spelled it out for you with our top five benefits:



1. One less thing to think about

We get it. You’re busy. They’re busy. Everyone’s busy

We’re busy too: making sure you get the best coffee delivered on time and straight to your door.

A subscription is a great way to ensure there’s one less thing on your ever-expanding to-do list. It’s convenient and you chose how often you’d like the delivery. With our subscriptions, you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and there are no pesky lock-in contracts. You can cancel anytime you like.



2. Optimum freshness. Always.

When you purchase from your local coffee shop, your beans have already gone through a distributor warehouse and delivery service. We’re not saying they’re not fresh, we’re just saying you could get them even fresher.

A subscription service straight from the roaster cuts out the middle persons, meaning you get optimum vacuum-packed freshness guaranteed. With our subscriptions, we ensure you get your beans in the ideal consumption date range. Trust us when we say you can taste, and smell, the difference.



3. It won’t break the bank

We know you’re probably wondering,

And just how much is all this amazingness going to cost me?’.


The truth is, not as much as you’d think.

In the long run, coffee subscriptions often work out cheaper than buying a bag from your local coffee store. As you can choose how often you get your coffee delivered, you can tailor your subscription to suit your needs and budget. With us, your coffee is priced exactly the same as you’re accustomed to and your first month is even half price (we’re that confident you’ll love it).



4. Develop your coffee palate

With a subscription, you can stick to what you know and love, or you can let our master roasters take you on an indulgent, aromatic, journey.

With our Roaster’s Choice Subscription you simply let us know the right grind, size, and frequency, and we’ll hand-pick your coffee selections. Each month you’ll get to try a new coffee adventure as we bring you our best discoveries.



5. Become a coffee connoisseur (if you want to)

A coffee subscription isn’t just a bag of beans plonked on your doorstep. It’s an opportunity for us to bring our passion right into your home, with a little coffee education, guidance, and advice on what you’re drinking, why you’re drinking it, and what we think you should drink next.

We know you love good coffee, and that’s why we think you’ll love learning about where our bean choices come from, and why we’ve chosen them to fill your next mug.

Our Coffee Subscriptions


We currently have three core coffee subscriptions up for grabs. Each has been specially crafted by our master roasters to bring you the very best of what you most desire (so, great coffee)


Roaster’s Choice:

This one’s for individuals just like us, who really LOVE their coffee but are also a bit adventurous and would like us to hand-pick selections for you based on our experience. You can choose the right grind, size, and frequency and let our master roaster take you on a monthly coffee journey.

The Aromaholic:

Know what Aromas blend ticks the box for you? Do you wish that Aromas coffee at the perfect stage of freshness would arrive just when you were finishing off your last bag?  Introducing: The Aromaholic subscription.

You can choose the right grind, size, and frequency and know that you’ll never be stranded again!

Origin Of The Month:

Every month we feature a new single-origin coffee from a prime location around the world. This subscription is for people who love filter-roasted, specialty-grade coffee. Often consumed as a short or long black, filter coffee has fewer roast characteristics and more bean characteristics. 

You can choose the grind and size. Frequency is monthly due to the often-limited supplies of specialty-grade coffee.




One Last Thing…


Our subscription packages are about so much more than simply getting your coffee delivered to your door. When you become an Aromaholic, you’ll also receive special deals, discounts, and get early-bird notifications about our newest coffee.


Ready to be more like Steve?

We thought so.


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